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Block Paving and Tarmac Driveways in Sevenoaks | Covering the South East Region

The first thing people see when they visit your home for the first time is the driveway. It makes sense to have an installation that not only does the job, but which also boosts the physical kerb appeal of the property. With services available in Bromley, Sevenoaks and the South East region, AJB Groundworks Ltd is a preferred choice for block paving and tarmac driveways. We also construct driveways on a nationwide scale at the customer’s request.


Even then, a driveway is about so much more than cosmetics. With more cars on the roads today than at any time in the past, finding a parking spot close to your home might not be easy. Even when you can find somewhere to park, your car is still at risk to accidental damage from passing traffic and to instances of theft and vandalism.


Block paving and tarmac driveways provide a practical spot to park family vehicles away from the roadside and, because cars are at less risk to damage, insurance premiums drop accordingly. With the subsequent rise in kerb appeal and property value, and through lower insurance costs, our customers in Bromley, Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas often find that new driveways go at least some way towards paying for themselves.


And, because we cover the South East as an Indian sandstone specialist with many successful installations behind us, homeowners also have the option of a premium surface constructed from heavier slabs designed to withstand the weight of cars and foot traffic.

Block Paving Driveways


No matter which option you choose, block paving driveways and tarmac driveways require a good sub-base, effective drainage and a level area for the top layer. Poor workmanship affects the integrity of both materials so it pays to use an installer with experience in groundworks and surface preparation. AJB Groundworks has a proven track record for excellence and the delivery of level, stable sub-bases for a full range of surfacing materials.


The popularity of block paving owes much to the range of products available and the number of design permutations they produce. Laid professionally with the correct design, block paving is the perfect complement for many homes in Bromley and Sevenoaks.


Compared to tarmac driveways, block paving installations last longer and uplift easily for replacement in the event of damage. The initial outlay for more expensive materials, and the time it takes to lay them, increases the cost of the project. Even so, block paving driveways still provide the customer with a resilient, stylish and affordable choice that requires very little in terms of maintenance and future repair costs.

Tarmac Driveways


To think of tarmac as a material is incorrect because it actually refers to the product trademark. Homeowners in Bromley, Sevenoaks and the South East might hear tarmac driveways referred to as macadam or asphalt. These are all one and the same thing. Tarmac installations cost less because of material prices and shorter laying times; a benefit that means the current driveway isn’t out of use for as long as one that requires block paving.


For homes that already have tarmac driveways, the installation is ever faster because our contractors can lay the new material over the old surface to cover damage.


Despite the reduced cost, tarmac driveways offer exceptional performance over many years. Their undeserved reputation for developing cracks and holding surface water owes more to the poor installation methods used by inexperienced groundworks contractors than it does to the material itself – especially in the construction of the sub-base. An installation from AJB Groundworks stands the tests of time and comes with a workmanship guarantee.


Smaller properties in Bromley, Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas, and those with awkward shapes, might benefit more from a block paving installation. Tarmac driveways require the use of specialist equipment and machinery. While it is rare for us to come across a driveway that can’t accept tarmac, we remain honest with our customers and never put them through the expense of bringing machines to site if we can’t use them properly.


AJB Groundworks also uses tarmac in the construction of private and public roads, car parks and all surface applications that require a reliable but cost-effective solution.


Contact AJB Groundworks Ltd on 07834 286 766 and discuss block paving or tarmac driveways with our contractors. We cover Bromley, Sevenoaks and all surrounding areas.